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Eileen Philbin
Executive Director
American Senior Benefits Association

New Lifestyle Management Programs Lead ASBA Members Toward Healthier Living

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Chicago, IL - June 13, 2012 - Recognizing the fact that much of the mature population is now burdened by greater stress than ever before, the American Senior Benefits Association (ASBA), today unveiled a new suite of online programs designed to help its members deal with the underlying causes of emotional dependency.

Through SelfHelpWorks, Inc., ASBA now offers members a series of lifestyle management programs focusing on weight loss, smoking cessation, alcohol and stress management. While many existing programs are dedicated to curbing these behaviors, few take the extra step of identifying and treating the root psychological and emotional causes of the recurring unhealthy behaviors. The SelfHelpWorks programs drill down to the origin of the problem so that the underlying reasons for dependency can be identified and acknowledged, and lasting change can develop.

The four programs - Livinglean™, Livingfree™, Livingeasy™ and Livingsmart™ - focus on nutrition and lifestyle management, smoking cessation, stress and resiliency, and managing alcohol consumption, respectively.

Through ASBA's partnership with SelfHelpWorks, Inc., ASBA members can take advantage of these online health coaching programs at a special member price of 40% off the retail cost, or just $14.97 per month.

"Much of the time and attention of the over-50 population is taken up these days by caring for children or elderly parents, working longer and harder than planned just to make ends meet, or one of a million other stress-filled activities", said Bill Hill, Sr., ASBA President and Chairman of the Board. "There is so little time for people in this particular demographic to look inward that they often end up neglecting their own needs and not living as healthfully as they should. With these new online coaching programs, we hope to help steer them in a direction that will ultimately lead them to healthier, happier lives."

For more information on SelfHelpWorks online health coaching programs, visit the American Senior Benefits Association website at

The American Senior Benefits Association (ASBA) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit association where membership is completely free. ASBA is committed to lifestyle enhancement through benefits, advocacy and education for the over-50 population. ASBA concentrates its efforts on the issues that are of greatest concern to its members. Through its partners and programs, ASBA members receive news and information, product and service discounts, as well as other benefits. Current ASBA membership stands at over 800,000 nationally.