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Return of the Regulatory Roundtable

You asked for it. We are bringing it back.

After an absence of several years, the Regulatory Roundtable returns to the Hill Country Classic on April 17th, 2013 with an incredible panel.

Led by Ralph Hudgens, Georgia Insurance Commissioner and this year's chair of the Hill Country Classic;

Also participating are the following industry luminaries:

Jim Donelon, NAIC Chair, Louisiana Insurance Commissioner, and a great friend to our event, having served as last year's chair and a contributor to our charities;

Wayne Goodwin, recently re-elected North Carolina Insurance Commissioner and a real advocate of the agent's continuing role;

Eleanor Kitzman, the Insurance Commissioner of our host state of Texas and a leader in the NAIC with a strong profile nationally;

Mike Chaney, the Insurance Commissioner of Mississippi, a man who has been in the middle of the struggle to establish Exchanges and work his way between his state's Republican governor and the requirements of HHS and the Affordable Care Act;

John Doak, the Insurance Commissioner of Oklahoma and another fierce advocate of the agent's role in insurance transactions (invited)

Moderating will be Fred Karlinsky, a well known Florida attorney, regulation expert, and FSU insurance law adjunct professor;

We will also be joined by former Commissioners Jose Montemayor-TX, Hank Edmiston-MO and several other seasoned industry leaders.

The discussion will be frank and off the record and will range from such topics as the current Exchange chaos to the ongoing turf battle between the federal government and our state based system of insurance regulation.

It will take place beginning with lunch at 12:30 on April 17th and following the discussion, our distinguished guests will be invited to join us for the Pairings Party and the presentations of the charities we are sponsoring.

Not a golfer? Attend as a Roundtable Participant. Contact Tournament Coordinator Eileen Philbin at 773-714-7990 or to reserve your space today.

New to the Hill Country Classic? Visit and join us in Austin on April 17th and 18th.

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Mike Chaney

John Doak

Fred Karlinsky