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To RV or Not To RV: That Is the Question

Jan 14, 2020 recently published two articles about RVs. One gives reasons to retire in an RV and the other gives reasons why you'll regret it. Fair enough. What should you do? Here are some pros and cons to help you make up your own mind, or at least begin the process of doing so: 


• Lower cost of living

• Great way to volunteer and see the country at the same time

• You won't need or buy as much stuff

• Access to remote places

• Visit family and friends more often

• Eat out less, enjoying healthier and less expensive meals

• Meet interesting people 


• RVs can get expensive

• They can be money pits

• They guzzle gas

• Sewage and other waste must be dealt with

• Indoor living space is limited

• RVs can be tricky to drive

• Overnight parking can be elusive

Getting medical attention on the road can also be a challenge – and costly! Medicare doesn't cover out-of-pocket emergency transport charges like ambulances and helicopter rides to the hospital. Medical Air Services Association (MASA) provides best-in-class emergency air and ground transport 24/7 from home or anywhere in the world, plus transportation of vehicles, children, grandchildren, and even pets at no additional cost. There are no premiums, deductibles or other hassles. Ask an ASBA agent about an emergency transport policy.

RV or no RV, we'd be happy to assist you on your retirement journey.