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Eileen Philbin
Executive Director, American Senior Benefits Association

New Long-Term Care Program Focuses on Seniors and Their Caregivers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Chicago, IL - June 25, 2010 - The American Senior Benefits Association (ASBA), today unveiled a new long-term care program aimed at helping members and their families learn about the costs associated with unexpected long-term medical care.

While most people think about long-term care insurance as a product that is needed only by seniors, the truth is that about forty percent of people directly benefiting from long-term care are between the ages of 18 and 64.

"The need for a long-term care program can materialize at any age. Baby Boomers, representing the largest segment of the population, are now beginning to realize that their parents may have a need for medical care that extends beyond the traditional hospital model," said Bill Hill, Sr., ASBA's President and Chairman of the Board. "When Boomers think about it a bit more, they realize that it isn't just their parents who can benefit from long-term care insurance: They can too."

ASBA's program responds to healthcare needs that go beyond the point where traditional medical insurance usually leaves off. Long-term care provides for assistance with maintaining everyday activities while an individual is ill or recovering from an illness, whether in the home, in a nursing or assisted living facility, or through community service centers. The program provides for professional caregivers who can help with basic life activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, and transferring (as with moving from the bed to a chair, from a chair to a walker, etc.), or for skilled professionals to come to an individual's home, perform a specific task, such as rehabilitation, and then leave.

The program also provides for respite care. Taking care of a family member's wellness needs can put a strain on the caregiver, taking a toll on his relationships and often on his own health. With the stress and strain associated with caring for an ill loved one, caregivers often feel the need for some temporary relief from their caretaking duties. Respite care assures that a caregiver receives a bit of time to take care of someone else: Himself.

"We at ASBA are proud to have launched this new program," said Hill. "We feel that our members, and in many cases, their children and caregivers, can benefit from this program. A good long-term care program is something that everyone needs to consider carefully, especially given that Medicare will pick up only a bit of LTC costs and disability income policies are usually not sufficient to cover long-term illnesses."

The new program is being offered through ASBA's relationship with AIMS Benefit Solutions, a benefits administrator with a 22 year presence in the long-term care arena. For more information on ASBA's new long-term care program, visit ASBA at

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