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Eileen Philbin
Executive Director, American Senior Benefits Association

ASBA Says 'No' To Government Healthcare Option

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Chicago, IL - August 19, 2009 - The American Senior Benefits Association (ASBA) today announced its opposition to the proposed government option outlined in the current House version of the Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 (H.R. 3200).

In announcing its opposition, ASBA takes a stand on this hot-button issue as the healthcare debate becomes more contentious each day and evolves into one of the most vehemently contested issues in recent memory.

After some deliberation, ASBA decided to weigh in on this topic in order to clarify the organization's official position. In addition, ASBA felt a responsibility to let its membership know the reasoning behind it.

"We do not agree that America's senior population would be served by a system that would lead to increased wait times for physician appointments, hospital tests and treatments, and would ultimately limit the care provided," said Bill Hill, Sr., ASBA's President and Chairman of the Board. "The Obama Administration promises to find 'efficiencies' in order to pay for a massive government option. We don't believe that those efficiencies are possible without serious detriment to the Medicare system currently in place. ASBA cannot support an option that will jeopardize medical care to seniors just when their need for it is becoming crucial."

While ASBA is opposed to the public option, the organization does support healthcare reform within the framework of the current system. "We feel that rebuilding the healthcare system from the ground up would negatively impact the senior population, including those who are currently covered by Medicare and those who are not yet Medicare participants," said Hill. "Let's start with the system we have and work to make it better in a way that will sustain or improve service for seniors."

Today's announcement solidifies ASBA's position as an advocacy organization dedicated to articulating the unique perspectives of its membership, and representing the over-50 population on matters of national significance.

The American Senior Benefits Association (ASBA) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit association where membership is completely free. ASBA is committed to lifestyle enhancement through benefits, advocacy and education for the over-50 population. ASBA concentrates its efforts on the issues that are of greatest concern to its members. Through its partners and programs, ASBA members receive news and information, product and service discounts, as well as other benefits. Current ASBA membership stands at over 580,000 nationally.

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