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Eileen Philbin
Executive Director, American Senior Benefits Association

Former AARP Members Flocking to
American Senior Benefits Association

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Chicago, IL - November 8, 2009 - The American Senior Benefits Association (ASBA) announced today that membership has increased again this year. The increase is being fueled by disenchanted seniors who have broken away from the AARP in just the past few weeks.

With this latest expansion, ASBA's membership now stands at 600,000, up from 500,000 last year, an increase of 20 percent. ASBA membership has seen a continued upward trend since the inception of the organization, but has spiked in the weeks since the AARP's lackluster response to the Obama Administration's healthcare reform bill.

Bill Hill, Sr., ASBA's President and Chairman of the Board notes that while many seniors are leaving the AARP over that organization's stance on the healthcare reform issue, ASBA has remained in tune with seniors and has picked up a significant number of former AARP members.

"Seniors want to be a part of an organization that reflects their own belief system and advocates for them on the key issues impacting their lives", says Hill. "ASBA makes a concerted effort to stay in touch with members and to represent their viewpoints on those key issues. The fact that members of other senior organizations think so highly of ASBA that they have been joining us in growing numbers lets us know that we're doing something right."

Hill is pleased with the expansion in membership and envisions continued growth for the foreseeable future, based on the aging of the Boomer population.

"The Baby Boom generation will begin to reach traditional retirement age in another two years, and many Boomers have recently become more interested in issues previously of concern only to their parents and grandparents," said Hill. "Since the Boomers make up such a large percentage of the population, we expect this trend to continue for many years to come".

The economy of the past year has eroded the savings and 401(k) accounts of many Baby Boomers, forcing them to consider delaying retirement and leading them to develop more conservative spending habits. The fact that ASBA membership is free, coupled with the valuable discounts and benefits that ASBA offers to its membership is seemingly leading Baby Boomers and seniors, alike, to see ASBA as a natural fit for their needs.

In addition to the increase in membership, ASBA's profile has strengthened significantly over the past year, owing to the launch of an upgraded website, new strategic alliances with preferred partners, and the tightening of its overarching marketing strategy.

The American Senior Benefits Association (ASBA) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit association where membership is completely free. ASBA is committed to lifestyle enhancement through benefits, advocacy and education for the over-50 population. ASBA concentrates its efforts on the issues that are of greatest concern to its members. Through its partners and programs, ASBA members receive news and information, product and service discounts, as well as other benefits. Current ASBA membership stands at over 600,000 nationally.

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