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Jul 2012 House Passes Bill Proposing Regulatory Moratorium
Jul 2012 CBO Releases Revised Estimates for Affordable Care Act
Jul 2012 House Approves "Sequestration Transparency Act"
Jul 2012 House Subcommittee Approves Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Bill
Jul 2012 House Hearing Focuses on SCOTUS Ruling and Individual Mandate
Jul 2012 House Approves ACA Repeal Bill
Jun 2012 Senate Approves "FDA Safety and Innovation Act"
Jun 2012 Supreme Court Issues Ruling on Affordable Care Act
Jun 2012 Courtney Introduces "Long-Term Care and Retirement Security Act"
Jun 2012 House Approves "FDA Safety and Innovation Act"
Jun 2012 Health Plans Participate in Senate Committee's Roundtable Discussion
Jun 2012 Sanders and Cummings Introduce "Comprehensive Dental Reform Act"
Jun 2012 House Approves "Health Care Cost Reduction Act"
Jun 2012 Senate Field Hearing Focuses on Debt Collection and Health Privacy Practices
Jun 2012 House Ways and Means Committee Approves Health Bills
May 2012 Senator Klobuchar Introduces Long-Term Care Bills
May 2012 Senate Approves FDA User Fee Bill
May 2012 House Subcommittee Examines Consolidation and Competition in Health Care System
May 2012 Senate Hearing Focuses on Delivery System Reform
May 2012 House Committee Approves FDA User Fee Bill
May 2012 Boustany Urges Support for Repealing ACA Health Insurance Tax
May 2012 House Approves "Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act"
May 2012 Senate Finance Committee Members Seek Ideas for Fighting Medicare and Medicaid Fraud
May 2012 Bills Addressing Budget Reconciliation and Sequestration Scheduled for Markup
Apr 2012 Senate Budget Committee Defers Action on Budget Resolution
Apr 2012 House Committees Consider Recommendations for Budget Reconciliation Bill
Apr 2012 Budget Issues High on Agenda As Congress Returns From Recess
Apr 2012 CMS Announces Participation of 27 ACOs in Medicare Shared Savings Program
Mar 2012 House Approves Chairman Ryan's Budget Resolution
Mar 2012 House Budget Resolution Has Implications for Medicare / Medicaid Funding
Mar 2012 House Approves IPAB Repeal / Medical Liability Bill
Mar 2012 CBO Revises Cost Estimates for ACA Insurance Coverage Provisions
Mar 2012 Budget Resolution and IPAB Repeal on Legislative Agenda for Next Week
Mar 2012 Senate Approves Bill Addressing Pandemic and Public Health Preparedness Issues
Mar 2012 Two House Committees Approve IPAB Repeal Bills
Mar 2012 Senate Defeats Blunt Amendment on Conscience Rights
Mar 2012 House Subcommittee Approves IPAB Repeal Bill
Feb 2012 CCIIO Report Examines Status of PCIP Program
Feb 2012 Budget Issues at Forefront of Post-Recess Legislative Agenda
Feb 2012 Congress Approves Agreement on Medicare Physician Payment and Other Unfinished Business
Feb 2012 President Obama Submits FY 2013 Budget to Congress
Feb 2012 Conferees Focus on Medicare Physician Payments and Other Unfinished Business
Feb 2012 House Approves Bill To Repeal CLASS Progra
Jan 2012 State of the Union Address and Conference Committee Talks on Next Week's Agenda
Jan 2012 House Ways and Means Committee Approves CLASS Repeal Bill
Jan 2012 Committees Prepare for Action in First Week of 2012 Session
Jan 2012 Unfinished Business Awaits Congress In Early Weeks of 2012 Session
Jan 2012 AHIP and BCBSA File Brief in U.S. Supreme Court
Dec 2011 Congress Grapples With Endgame for 2011 Session
Dec 2011 Medicare, Medicaid, and ACA Issues Included in House Bill Addressing End-of-Session Priorities
Dec 2011 Congress Focuses on End-of-Session Legislative Priorities
Nov 2011 Super Committee Approaches Deadline; Congress Takes Action to Prevent Government Shutdown
Nov 2011 CBO Says CLASS Repeal Would Have No Budgetary Impact
Nov 2011 Senate Defeats Drug Importation Amendment
Nov 2011 Committees Address Health Issues While Deficit Talks Face Deadline
Nov 2011 Deadlines Approach for Deficit Reduction Negotiators and Appropriators
Oct 2011 Deadline Approaches as Deficit Reduction Talks Continue
Oct 2011 Senate Defeats Drug Importation Amendment
Oct 2011 Deficit Reduction Talks and Appropriations Process Move on Parallel Tracks
Sep 2011 Agreement Not Yet Reached on Temporary Appropriations for FY 2012
Sep 2011 Congress Faces Heavy Agenda Following Summer Recess
Aug 2011 Chairs of Deficit Reduction Committee Prepare for Deliberations
Aug 2011 Attention Shifts to Joint Committee Following Enactment of Budget Bill
Jul 2011 Budget Negotiations Intensify in Preparation for Sunday Meeting
Jul 2011 Considerable Uncertainty About Budget Endgame
Jun 2011 Budget Talks in "Abeyance" as Negotiators Await High-Level Guidance
Jun 2011 Biden Group Works Toward Deal on Deficit Reduction and Debt Limit
Jun 2011 Pressure Builds for Progress in Budget Talks
Jun 2011 Debt Limit and Deficit Reduction Remain At Top of Congressional Agenda
May 2011 Chairman Conrad Delays Budget Markup as Negotiations Continue
May 2011 House Committee Approves Medical Liability Reform Bill
Apr 2011 Budget Issues High on Agenda As Congress Prepares to Reconvene
Apr 2011 Congress Begins Recess Following House Passage of Budget Resolution
Apr 2011 Government Funding Expires at Midnight; Federal Agencies Prepare for Possibility of Partial Shutdown
Apr 2011 Budget Debates Enter Crucial Phase as April 8 Deadline Looms
Mar 2011 Congress Enters Recess With FY 2011 Appropriations Debate Still Unresolved
Mar 2011 Budget Debates Enter Crucial Phase as April 8 Deadline Looms
Mar 2011 Two-Week Funding Extension Enacted as Negotiations Continue on FY 2011 Appropriations
Feb 2011 Lawmakers Face March 4 Deadline as Appropriations Debate Resumes
Feb 2011 House Approves Amendments Aimed at Halting ACA Implementation
Feb 2011 Budget Issues on Legislative Agenda for Next Week
Feb 2011 Senate Defeats Repeal Amendment
Jan 2011 Senate Hearing Focuses on Health Insurance Reforms
Jan 2011 House Approves Repeal Bill and Resolution Calling for Alternative Health Reforms
Jan 2011 House Set to Resume Legislative Business Next Week; Repeal Vote Is First Item on Agenda
Jan 2011 Tax Package and Appropriations Bill Await Final Action as Congress Prepares for Adjournment
Dec 2010 Congress Eyes Finish Line for 2010 Legislative Session
Dec 2010 Tax Package and Appropriations Bill Await Final Action as Congress Prepares for Adjournment
Dec 2010 Fiscal Commission Report Supported by Majority of Members, But Falls Short of 14-Vote Threshold
Nov 2010 Legislative Agenda Still Uncertain for First Week of Lame Duck Session
Nov 2010 President Obama and Republican Leaders Address Health Reform in Post-Election Comments
Oct 2010 Congress Recesses, Putting Off Unfinished Business Until After Election
Sep 2010 Congress Eyes Early Recess as Mid-Term Elections Draw Closer
Sep 2010 Congress Reconvenes, But Pressure Builds for Early Start to Next Recess
Aug 2010 Summer Recess is Underway for Both Chambers, But House Will Return to Finalize Medicaid FMAP Bill
Jul 2010 Congressional Leaders Eye Next Round of Legislative Priorities Following Key Bill Signings
Jul 2010 Congress Returns From Recess to Address Wide-Ranging Legislative Agenda
Jul 2010 Congress Enters Recess With Heavy Load of Unfinished Business
Jun 2010 Senate Adopts Six-Month Medicare Physician Payment "Fix"
May 2010 Congress Recesses Without Finalizing Extenders Package
May 2010 Congress Prepares for Busy Week As Recess Approaches
May 2010 Discussions Intensify on Extenders Package; Other Health Issues Still Simmering
Apr 2010 Bipartisan Fiscal Commission Holds First Meeting
Apr 2010 AHIP Testifies at Senate Hearing on Affordability of Health Insurance
Apr 2010 Congress Set to Resume Legislative Business Following Recess
Mar 2010 Congress Completes Legislative Action on Health Reform
Mar 2010 House Poised to Cast Crucial Health Reform Vote on Sunday
Mar 2010 Congress Focused on Passing Health Reform Before Easter Recess
Feb 2010 President and Lawmakers Debate Health Reform at Bipartisan Summit
Feb 2010 White House Issues Official Invitation for Health Reform Summit
Feb 2010 Heavy Snow Gives Congress An Early Start on February Recess
Feb 2010 President and Democrats Emphasize Commitment to Comprehensive Health Reform
Jan 2010 President Obama Calls for Health Insurance Reform to Ease Burden on Middle Class
Jan 2010 Health Reform Remains High Priority, With Uncertain Direction, Following Massachusetts Election
Jan 2010 Negotiations Intensify as Pressure Builds for Final Health Reform Bill
Jan 2010 Congress Poised to Enter Final Crucial Stage of Health Reform Debate
Dec 2009 Weekend Session Looms As Senate Proposes Crucial Votes on Health Reform Bill
Dec 2009 Senate Health Reform Debate Awaits CBO Score and Manager's Amendment
Dec 2009 Senate Begins Debating and Voting on Amendments to Health Reform Bill
Nov 2009 Senate Poised to Begin Health Reform Debate/House Approves Health Reform Bill By Narrow Margin
Oct 2009 House Poised to Debate Health Reform Bill Following Introduction of H.R. 3962
Oct 2009 Discussions Continue on Merging of Health Reform Bills
Oct 2009 Senate Finance Committee Approves "America's Healthy Future Act"
Oct 2009 Senate and House Prepare for Floor Debates on Health Reform
Oct 2009 Seniors Worry As Medicare Advantage Is Threatened
Sep 2009 Senate Finance Committee Begins Health Reform Markup
Sep 2009 Social Security Likely to Go Into Red Next Year
Sep 2009 Disruptions Drown Out Debate at Health Care Meetings
Aug 2009 The Partnership to Protect Medigap
Aug 2009 August Recess Is Fully Underway As Senate Finishes Legislative Business
Jul 2009 Seniors Worry As Medicare Advantage Is Threatened


Dec 2010 Robust Programs Boost Membership at American Senior Benefits Association
Nov 2010 ASBA Introduces New Partnership to Help Seniors Weigh
Part D Prescription Coverage
Sep 2010 ASBA Members Playing a Pivotal Role in Educating Young People
Aug 2010 ASBA Goes Social with New Facebook and Twitter Presence
Jul 2010 Revamped ASBA Website Builds on Organization's Success
Jun 2010 New Long-Term Care Program Focuses on Seniors and Their Caregivers
Apr 2010 ASBA Announces New Multi-Faceted Health Benefit
Apr 2010 ASBA Premiers New Financial Services Program to Help Seniors Guard Against Identity Theft
Apr 2010 ASBA Offers Assistance in Dealing With Insurance Companies
Mar 2010 ASBA Members Can Rest Assured When Traveling Thanks to ASBA's MedjetAssist
Mar 2010 Seniors Too Young for Medicare Can Now Get Health Insurance Information Through ASBA
Feb 2010 Dental Insurance for Seniors Now Available Through ASBA
Nov 2009 Former AARP Members Flocking to American Senior Benefits Association
Sep 2009 ASBA Scholarship Grants Help Worthy Students Finance Education
Aug 2009 ASBA Says 'No' To Government Healthcare Option
Jul 2009 American Senior Benefits Association Broadens Appeal of Membership Through Additional Partnerships
Jul 2009 American Senior Benefits Association Announces Headquarters Office Relocation
Apr 2009 American Senior Benefits Association Improves Website and Enhances Marketing Strategy
Jan 2009 New Year Off to a Strong Start for American Senior Benefits Association
Oct 2008 American Senior Benefits Association® Announces 2008 Scholarship Recipients
Jul 2008 ASBA Membership Continues to Grow Despite Sagging Economy
Apr 2008 ASBA Membership Reaches 500,000
Jan 2008 ASBA Announces New Partnerships
Oct 2007 ASBA Launches New Advocacy Resource for Baby Boomers


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Nov 2008 3 Reasons Baby Boomers Are the Richest Generation in History


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